The Investor Network

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The Network

We pride ourselves on introducing very selective and highly researched property investments to our network of clients.

UK property is traditionally viewed as a safe haven and attracts large scale investment. The value of property in the UK has risen sharply over the last decade despite the last recession.

Over years, property can generate both growth and income for investors whether they are taking a short, medium or long term view.

Our reputation means and our extensive network allows us the opportunity to introduce you to a range of interesting, innovative property backed opportunities.

We work with you to create safe, secure relationships based on mutual trust and transparency in order to reach your long term property investment goals.

The Forma team of consultants will make it their mission to introduce the most suitable opportunities to you and protect your interests throughout.

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Our Service

As a team we realise and appreciate that our best asset is our network.

As a company our consultants are required to be completely transparent; We are not tied to any one institution or market thereby we are able to offer completely un-biased opportunities for our customers’ perusal.

Whether you’re a seasoned property investor, institutional investor or an individual entering the market for the first time, we believe that we will be able to introduce you to new and exciting opportunities via our network of contacts. These carefully selected contacts can potentially offer you exposure, capital growth and a stable fixed income.

Are you a developer? Are you an active property investor? If so, we would like to keep in touch with you and keep you informed of all exclusive/off market options we receive.

Whether you’re seeking a large project development, good yield or steady capital appreciation, we’re continually presented with opportunities to accommodate all.

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Working with Forma and there network has created a number of new opportunities for us to invest within the property sector.
— Stephen Rogers