Mixcloud space photoshoot



Work and Play

Here is a few snaps from the shoot which happened a few weeks ago, taken by the very talented Will Wiesner will@willwiesner.com.

The design for the space was put together by the equally talented Sam and Ummar of www.rashidmcneil.com.

The client Mixcloud www.mixcloud.com had a vision for the space which was delivered by our team and following the completion of the project an amazing launch party took place (thanks for having us along to help celebrate!!!) during which we received so much positive feedback on the work we completed.

A great and fun project all round!

Colony Mews - SIPS

Installation shots from site where the new mezzanine floor and roof structure was installed during the course of last week.

Utilising a SIP structural insulated panel solution we have been able to manufacture off site an extension to sit on a new ring beam installed within the walls of this existing property.

During the course of last week the steels were placed on pad-stones creating a fixing point for all of the panels. By the end of last week the structure was completed and we are now installing the windows and skylight.

Looking great and a fantastic solution.


News in the World of Forma London

In the last week FL have successfully negotiated the delivery of a Hackney warehouse space into Commercial Offices for a very cool company...details on this to follow.

Progress in Dungeness has been excellent with the screed completed and the timber framework for pocket door and the beds raised platform are all coming along nicely. Sample approved for the herringbone brick floor so looking forward to this going down shortly.

We have secured a full residential design and build project in Fulham with strip-out works about to start with the design and planning all ongoing to fast track this fantastic project for the client.

In the past 3 months we have also managed to tender over £1M of new opportunities and counting that we are hopeful for some appointments from. 

Dungeness Visit Today

James and Matt have headed off to the coast once again to see progress on an exciting project in Dungeness. Once all the finer details on the services internally and joinery are confirmed we can hopefully start to pull the amazing interior together. 

Though I am stuck in the office writing this instead of being at the appointment I am sure to see some interesting photos shortly that we can add to this post about the progress on this scheme from the boys on site...